I don't need surgery, maybe you don't either

An experiment to prove exercise and diet can work

Bump on a Log
SW: 334
CW: 279
Fasting: 98 ng/dl

I don't know if anyone is out there any longer, but I've managed to keep off 65 pounds (more or less) for 7 years now, but diabetes got diagnosed in 2013 and I was pretty angry for months! At any rate, starting Feb 1, I'm logging sodium and blood sugar and weight. My all-time highest weight was 348, and that was the breaking point for me. I started logging in July 2009 when I blew a gasket over a fellow author getting a gastric bypass surgery - to manage her diabetes. She started at about 380, and last I knew, she got down to 235 and even though she claimed (in 2013) that she was satisfied with having lost 145 pounds, I think there was a regret about what she went through. Considering that I found out my hidden illness and lost 65 pounds and need to lose 39 more (current estimate), I feel like I followed a better path - without (friggin) surgery.

By the ironies of having CAH, the five-factors body fat measurement says my body is 28% fat with a lean muscle mass of 201 pounds. Which is why I wear size 18-20 tops and size 22 bottoms, which is a typical women's size range for a woman of 170 to 180 pounds. So the fat comes to 78 pounds worth and I can do something about that because I can live with 14% fat, which is half of what I carry now. 14% is the "athletic" measurement, and essential fat for women is 12%. So - goal of 240.

If I am successful in effectively reducing my diabetes then I may end up with a prize from my employer's P3 (Personal Progression Plan) of $5,000. I'd rather be doing a P3 on getting my long-delayed novel into print but that's a story for another day.
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There's melting and then there is melting
I have been sick since Christmas, 2012. First it was a sudden cough on Christmas day after feeling suddenly tired. Next, the cough that wouldn't die. I self-treated, thinking it was 'normal' bronchitis, I had Keflex, I had some cough syrup, I had Ricola, I knew how to hydrate... but it was the 2012 flu: the one that started to become "widespread."

more to come, I have to go home now.

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SW: 344
CW: 285

I am smaller now dimension-wise than the last time I was 285, but still, it is a thrill to fit in a size 18 top and a size 22 pant, and all my last-year's compulsive clothing buys can now be worn for the first time!


Sodium people. SO DEEE YUM.

I am not counting calories. I am counting SODIUM.

Please let me know when you register for online purchases there because I'll get a special discount when a new customer signs up!

You can email me for that:

What sleep will do
SW: 344
CW: 290

Yup. Sleep. When the problem is fluid retention, achieving baseline blood pressure, pulse and circulation can throw off retained tissue fluid like nobody's business! And drinking! lots of drinking.

Water, that is.

now it's about 4 gallons down
I had a post all ready and locked my account not remembering the password:

SW: 344
CW: 292

-52 net

my low in 2010 was 279 so i'm closing in on it. Then I can go from there and determine my new lean body mass and goal, but won't have to worry about that until I'm done another 2 gallons. Still sick, this time with strep. WHEN WILL IT END....

12/30/11: hey, found it in Drafts!

In the past 90 days I have had a) mononucleosis; b) bronchitis; c) major outbreak of sciatica which is still persisting; d) adenopathy and pharyngitis; and after finishing round 2 of antibiotics on the pharyngitis e) strep, which is by far the worst, due to fever, exhaustion, and sheer pain in my throat. The spaciness, sleeplessness and combination of sweats and fever is knocking me back, and on Christmas eve I set a world record for sleeplessness with 90 minutes of sleep in 48 hours. Mostly I just cleaned my room, worked on inventing new ways of cooking low so broths with as much garlic as I can stand, and learning how to drink liquid calcium in apple cider vinegar. What a life. But I am about 10 pounds away from fitting into my thinnest clothes, and that means I have a huge wardrobe again, particularly of pants.

Maybe now I'll learn my lesson that I can't stop counting sodium and go back to not caring.

Always better to shop when you've lost weight!
Rather than when you've gained, I say.

SW: 344
CW: 300.5

Hovering, well I shouldn't say that, really, since I've lost a gallon and a half of fluid, one shirt size and 1-2 pants sizes since November 29, and it's only December 10. Though it may be a calibration problem with scales, not sure. Then again considering I can drop a gallon of fluid in a night if I am sufficiently dehydrated, I'm trying out some low sodium foods from the Healthy Heart Market (including pickles, who knew I would ever taste pickles again!)

I feel like I am mostly ready to get on an airplane and face down the lawyer whose plan it is to blame all of my injuries on my weight in order to wiggle out of a decent financial settlement on my auto accident.


Writer's Block: Bless you!
What are you allergic to?

Vying for "most original" here:

Curvularia lunata: that brown mold that grows on bamboo.
Field salad (relative of purslane) a winter vegetable throughout Europe and not eaten in the US.
Red Beets
Every antibiotic ever compounded or tried on me except Keflex.

If I ever become allergic to rice or corn someone put me out of my misery, because there is no way I'm going to survive the rest of my life on sorghum, millet and tapioca.

Another weekend, another weight loss
SW: 344
CW: 300 1/2
- 2 1/2

I am glad I had 10 days in which to re-evaluate, add foods to Fitday, clean my room, take my time, sleep when possible, before returning to the office... because going to work is a different story. I stagged through the day's stresses, realized I had not brought my entire meal with me (spaced out) and got some summer rolls from the buffet (with countable shrimp), some honey cashews (low sodium high protein) and some No-salt potato chips in case I got hungry. It worked very well with the part of the meal I got. It's all about knowing what to buy in limited circumstances.

I'm starting calcium tonight - it's cramps that keep waking me up. My chiropractor (who has lost over 100 pounds through exercise and scrupulous diet) recommended I dissolve the vitamin in cider vinegar or lemon juice in a proportion that melts the tablet and leaves a mild vinegar tang. Then the calcium will go directly into the muscles. Sounds like a plan.

Melting again and it feels good - mostly
Melting again and it feels good - mostlyCollapse )

It all seems so easy
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